Portfolio - Retail

Langemeier Architects offers retail design that is a reflection of the client. During the design process, we take into account the customer and what will draw them into the space. Our goal is to create a positive experience for the customer and elevate the visual brand for the client. Developing positive circulation patterns and interior ambiance are some of the elements we bring to the overall design.

Typical projects may include:

  • Mercantile buildings i.e strip malls
  • Restaurants e.g kitchen layouts, dining area design

Coffee Hag

Mankato, MN

Premiere Centre Strip Mall

Mankato, Minnesota

Galleria East Strip Mall

Mankato, MN

KK Berge Building

Granite Falls, MN

Jand Development Strip Mall

Mankato, MN

Portfolio Categories

  • Corporate
  • Institutional
  • Religious
  • Retail