Langemeier Architects will meet with building committees or owner representatives in order to achieve an understanding of the project scope. The needs of the client are paramount to Langemeier Architects. We strive to achieve client satisfaction by incorporating their ideas and goals with the expertise and experience that we can provide.

Design starts with an idea, a sketch, and generates into a hard-line drawing. Drawings are provided at various stages to show project progress. Interaction between Langemeier Architects and the client remains constant throughout the duration of the project. This process is a collaborated effort between architect and client. The design process is a team effort, with the architect providing recommendations while listening to what the client has to say. These recommendations and client comments generate the next drawing for review.

Each project is an exciting and challenging venue, and upon completion, it is our desire that both the client and this firm have a project of which we can all be proud.

The design process may entail several disciplines and government agencies apart from the owner to come together on a project.

The design process may comprise one or more of the following:

Schematic Design:

In this first phase, the program is reviewed with the client and conceptual designs are developed. This phase is generally completed by sketching. We all have an idea of what sketching means, but during the schematic design phase it is the process of putting ideas down on paper. This sketch starts out as adjacency bubble diagrams (indicating which space should be next to which). There are many other tools which may be utilized to communicate ideas, such as AutoCAD and/or REVIT.

Design Development:

During the Design Development phase the floor plan layout is being refined and finalized. Additionally, exterior elevations, reflected ceiling plans and details are being developed for the clients review. The preliminary design of building systems i.e.
mechanical and structural are done with consulting engineers. Every project will involve a different combination of disciplines. The following “outside” disciplines may be found in a full set of construction drawings: civil, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical. Langemeier
Architects will coordinate the architectural drawings/details with these other consultants. A code review and meeting with the building official happens either during the schematic design stage or the design development stage.

Construction Documents:

Construction documents are the construction drawings and specifications for the project. It is here that we finalize the process of detailing, adding dimensions; communicating how the project is to be built, and the specific materials that are to be used. Each project is different in terms of its scope and the disciplines involved.


The construction drawings and specifications are put out for bids in this phase. Questions may arrive from contractors and addendums (clarifications) to the contract documents are completed accordingly. The length of the bidding process varies per size of

Construction Administration:

Construction administration is completed during the
construction process. This will be the time for site observations and appropriate clarification
or interpretation of the construction drawings and specifications. The primary purpose of
construction administration (CA) is to validate the project is constructed as designed and